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Lancôme’s PR Disaster in China and What We Should Learn From It

During this past week, Lancôme has become one of the hottest hashtags on Weibo. This time, however, being the hottest was not beneficial at all for Lancôme! Huge damage to its brand image and reputation in China has given Lancôme China an unprecedented PR nightmare. What happened there? On June 2nd , the actress Denise

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10 things you need to know to Build a Chinese Website (Part 1)

Create a chinese website

When planning to enter the Chinese market, one of the main points in every marketing plan should be the creation of a website that focuses on the Chinese consumer. Naturally, there are some questions that come to mind… What are the differences between a western and an eastern website? What are the aspects that I have to

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How can foreign SMEs be competitive in China?

Most western economies enjoy an abundant offer of qualified talent that proportionally lacks in China. Nevertheless, China’s macroeconomic situation is starting to increase the demand of qualified talent, and more importantly, it is starting to value it more, rewarding it in ways that we do not often see in other economies, or at least not

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Do other e-commerce platforms stand a chance against Tmall?

All of us are very well aware of the magnitude of the Chinese online market and, although it is currently the largest e-commerce market in the world, most of the market share is owned by the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Nevertheless, there are some other companies that also want their piece of the pie and with

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Insights on ZARA in the Chinese digital market

Since first arriving to Shanghai in 2006, ZARA has had incredible achievements in the volatile Chinese fashion industry. Etam and Ochirly used to be considered as the “King and Queen” in this sector with the vast majority of the market share, however ZARA’s arrival crashed down this obsolete structure. In 2014, ZARA reached the top fashion

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L’Oreal Digital Marketing Campaign in China

In the first half of 2015, L’Oreal’s financial statement reported revenues of 12.82 billion euros worldwide. In comparison with 2014, there was an increase of 14.7%, which is the fastest growth that the company has had in the past 20 years. Its digital marketing campaign was not the exception, with an outstanding 40% increase in

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The successful International Business, Investments, Products and Services Fair aimed to improve SME competitiveness; IMEX Impulso Exterior took place last April 6th and 7th in Madrid, at the Marriott hotel Auditorium. The main objective of the event is to promote international overseas Spanish companies and bring together well-regarded and experienced professionals in the field. More than 90

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Business Theory and Practice in China – Not what you’d expect

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Have you ever asked somebody how to do something in China and gotten an unclear or contradictory answer? Worry no more my dear reader, getting to know things before actually doing them in China is extremely difficult, here is why! Not all questions have a vague answer to them, we are mainly focusing on business

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Big Data and Precise Marketing – Tips from Baidu

Nowadays everyone is talking about big data, but what exactly is big data? How can we use it to benefit our business in China? As we all know, Baidu is the biggest, and most popular, Chinese search engine with coverage of approximately 95% of China’s population. It receives around 6 billion search queries per day.

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All you need to know about Ecommerce in China

How to take advantage of the latest E Commerce revolution? U-Commerce trend

The first quarter of 2016 is already behind us, are you still figuring out how to start your e-commerce business in China? For some of us e-commerce still feels like a new business model, however, China has long passed this stage, various data suggests that it has already become a traditional industry in China. Traditional

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