Big Data and Precise Marketing – Tips from Baidu

Nowadays everyone is talking about big data, but what exactly is big data? How can we use it to benefit our business in China?

As we all know, Baidu is the biggest, and most popular, Chinese search engine with coverage of approximately 95% of China’s population. It receives around 6 billion search queries per day. With their countless backstage data, Baidu decided to move forward into the big data area and try to convert it into a high-value business service.

Last week 2Open attended a seminar about Baidu’s big data and precision marketing. Here are some point that were discussed during the event.

20160418 Baidu Seminar

What is big data?

Big data is all about predictions, math applied to large quantities of data in order to infer probabilities. The big data will provide us with the new ability to crunch a vast collection of information, analyze it instantly, and draw conclusions from it.

Big data can be used in a variety of business field: cross marketing, precision marketing, reference location, credit investigation, quantity investigation, disease prediction and travel prediction etc.

For instance, by using Baidu’s big data, we can find out the crowdedness of certain touristic attractions and the popularity of the travel itinerary in China. With the help of this data we would be able to improve our travel plans since we would be avoiding crowded destinations.

Big data for marketing?

In the past Baidu cooperated with a motor company (to protect the advertiser’s rights we will refer to this company as Company A).

First of all, Company A wanted to launch a new A0 level car to the market, but they had no idea what the new car’s selling point was, more importantly, how to handle the pre-marketing and publication campaign. They decided to work with Baidu and used their big data service.

Secondly, Baidu identified consumer’s emotional needs by mining social data, and exploring differentiation opportunities by scanning the perception of other competitors. With all of this data they decided to use “happiness” as the communication concept/selling point of the new car.

Finally, by studying consumer’s profiles, identifying target audiences, and understanding different age groups by analysing their lifestyle and engagement occasions. The new car’s main target audience resulted to be 23-45 males, in tier3, tier4 and tier5 instead of tier1 and tier2 cities. This turned out to be the most important consumption market.

For lifestyle occasions, Baidu chose readings, videos, movies, TV series and gaming as the main five labels for determining their target audience. Company A even designed a LOL (League Of Legends, one of the most famous online games) poster ads.

For engagement occasions, there are five stages before the final purchase. Baidu defines them as; category research, comparative study, trial, finding 4S stores, and financial plan. Then they give related suggestion to company A for every stage of the marketing strategy.


Baidu named its big data & marketing decision platform “Sinan”( This platform mainly provides nine functions: audience definition, brand recognition, interest insight, search behaviour, demographics, geographic, media preferences, multiple data merge, and media buying suggestion. With the help of a big data platform like this any marketing strategy will be much easier for a company.

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This article was edited by Andres Arroyo Olson from 2Open.


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