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Business Social Networks in China. Which one should I use?

China is an interesting country filled with peculiarities in the day-to-day life. Business culture is one of the many peculiarities that China has to offer. It is a country where business contacts play a more important role than in other countries, or should I say, a different role. For Chinese, it is crucial to have

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Digital Marketing in China. Where do I start?

Hosted by Tolmao Group, the networking event “Digital Marketing in China. Where do I Start?” took place on January 2016 in Shanghai. Luis S. Galán (the CEO of 2Open) was invited to talk about Cross-border E-commerce and the benefits it can bring to a company.  Although it is called a networking event it also features

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2Open at the Avante Awards

This last February 2Open was at the Extremadura’s Avante Awards Ceremony that took place in Badajoz (Extremadura, Spain). This event is held every year since 2013 and it recognizes and commemorates Spanish companies from that region who have had success in international markets. Not only do they award companies who have had an outstanding performance abroad,

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Jumpstart your E-commerce business in China

E-commerce in China is growing so rapidly and it appears to have big rewards for those who manage to thrive in the market. Problems for companies who want to enter China arise due to limited knowledge about the Chinese market and the variety of e-commerce platforms, but how exactly should you start your e-commerce business

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It’s official! Taxation reform will start on April 8

On March 24, 2016, the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China released an article on its website to finally put an end to the on-going rumours. Turns out that all the gossips were right all along, so brace yourselves because the taxation reform for imported retail products through cross-border e-commerce is coming.According

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What you need to know about Cross-Border ecommerce for China

Nowadays cross-border ecommerce is in the rise in China. It seems to be a viable and legal way to import or export products into or out of China avoiding significant tariffs and quotas. Apart from the traditional model of cross-border ecommerce, that is, overseas online shopping, we have classified 4 specific operational models of cross-border ecommerce according

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All you need for your Chinese Landing Page

Landing pages have become more and more relevant over the past few years. With an increase in brand awareness and persuading power, they play a huge roll when it comes to online marketing and ecommerce. This article will focus on the basic structure of a successful landing page as the improvements that can be made

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Online to Offline (O2O) in China

E-commerce has grown internationally over the past few years; China is one of the countries with the fastest e-commerce growing market, Alibaba has become the largest business-to-business (B2B) platform in the world. Tmall is the largest business-to-customer (B2C) website in Asia, with more than 90 billion RMB in revenue recorded on Nov 11, 2015(China’s “Singles

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The Great Firewall: a barrier for foreigners who live in China

Spain and China, allies in politics but still not colleagues in trade

China is a very attractive country, rich in culture and full of traditions that appeal to most foreigners, it is also a place that offers considerable rewards for those who are seeking business opportunities. Despite its attractiveness there are some cultural barriers every foreigner has to overcome if they are planning to live in China,

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7 Facts You Need to Know About The Chinese Online Market

1. The Chinese online ecosystem is shaped by the actions of the B.A.T. The B.A.T. is a group consisting of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. They are the dominant players in the Chinese online ecosystem. The dynamics of their competition and cooperation defines the boundary and possibilities of digital marketing and ecommerce in China. Each member

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