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2Open on Spanish radio: Business in China?

Recently, we were invited to a local Spanish radio program called “Onda Cero” in Cáceres City. Vicente Pozas, the host of the show, asked some interesting questions to our colleague David González regarding Digital Business in China. For a lot of people in Europe, China is a far away land with a different culture, different

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Top 5 Chinese payment gateway for your website

The market of e-commerce stand alone websites growing very fast in China. In order to have your own e-shop website you need to consider to get a good payment gateway to accept your payments online. Everyone who is new to ecommerce will tell you that the most difficult task is not only to decide which platform is the

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General situation of fake products in China

It is common knowledge that fake products are everywhere in China, from large cities like Shanghai to remote small towns in Western China and, not surprisingly, online markets are not the exception, even though there is a lack of acknowledgment from their part, it seems that fake products are a part of China whether we like it

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Top Demand Side Platforms (DSP) in China

Since entering China in 2012, DSP has become a major competition area of all the “powerful and visionary” companies. Big companies like Baidu and Tencent  have built their own DSP platforms, traditional advertisement agencies and new players flocked to this area, but there is no stable situation yet in this market. So if you decide

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Demand Side Platform in China

Overview of Demand Side Platform (DSP) in China After arriving to China in 2012, DSP has gained popularity among advertisers due to its way of changing the traditional advertising buying model, from media buying to target audience buying. It lets advertisers see their ads performance more intuitively, allowing them to change promotion strategies more efficiently. As one of the

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2Open at Territorio Creativo: China Business Overview

On Friday the 5th of February Luis Salvador Galán, the CEO of 2Open, went to give a speech to the well-known Spanish marketing consulting agency called “Territorio Creativo” ( Territorio Creativo was founded back in 1997 and it has had a huge development ever since. In 2005 its blog (TCBlog) was brought to life which

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2 Open will be in the Madrid Tourism Trade Show FITUR 2016 jan 20-24

2 Open FITUR

Chinese tourism is increasing very fast lasts years as well as their economy. In the last 15 years has spread from 8 million to more than 100 million in 2014. It is a record according to the Chinese National Tourism Administration and is supposed that this number will keep growing. So, this emerging market has a

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General situation of cross-border e-commerce in China

CrossBorder Ecommerce China

General situation of cross-border e-commerce in China 2014 is called by many the year of beginning of cross-border e-commerce in China. Traditional retailers, domestic and oversea e-commerce giants, start-ups, logistic service providers and distributors have all joined this battle trying to get a share of the cake. No doubt this is a time of challenges

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2 Open visits ANUGA


Last week 2 Open was in ANUGA, the world´s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market. It was a busy week, where 2 Open was in contact with some interesting companies that were really interested in discovering China´s digital possibilities. Meeting not only Spanish companies like Calvo Group, Campofrío, Castillo

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