Business Theory and Practice in China – Not what you’d expect

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Have you ever asked somebody how to do something in China and gotten an unclear or contradictory answer? Worry no more my dear reader, getting to know things before actually doing them in China is extremely difficult, here is why!

Not all questions have a vague answer to them, we are mainly focusing on business related topics, to be more specific, new business models that are being implemented, for instance, WeChat account management, DSP advertising purchases, or cross-border e-commerce are among the main ones that seem to have a variety of answers to them.

Why? You might be wondering, well, these fields are fairly new and still need to mature a bit. This is the main reason why there is no general consensus yet, it basically comes down to who you are asking. A logistics company won’t give you the same answer as the Chinese Customs Administration, nor will an online e-commerce platform or a Chinese businessperson, everyone has a different perspective on the matter, finding out what works for you might be difficult.

In reality, nobody is 100% sure on how things should be done, in fact, it seems like everybody is experimenting with it. The information lacks, is unclear, or contradictory,  so you ask yourself, what should I do in order to carry out my business in China?


Your first, and probably wisest option, would be to get in touch with 2 Open, we are used to deal with these types of problems all the time. Facing new challenges and pioneering is one our main strengths and we would be more than happy to help your business achieve its full potential.

Your second option would be to run a pilot test. Getting things right before actually starting is a smart thing to do. Try running some test orders and look at the problems that arise with its delivery process. This will not only give you the knowledge you need but will also let to know the experience you’ll be having later on. Even though this might not be as comfortable to do as it sounds, it certainly is the best way to go about it.

Apart form running this pilot test there is another important aspect you should keep in mind, that is trust. Uncertainty and risk taking are a part of these tests and having an honest trustworthy person on the other end is something that will help you solve any problems you might encounter. Trust issues within your working environment could harm the pace and results of your projects, this is something you might not want to take for granted.


All in all, trust is not enough, you also need to be patient, getting things right requires time and effort. Getting ahead of yourself without the knowledge required could costs you some precious time and money. Plan things ahead and gather all the information needed in order to succeed in the volatile Chinese market.

At 2 Open we have the experience and knowledge to develop your business in China. We not only know how solve problems but we also take that uncertainty on your behalf. Our team is passionate and enthusiastic about every project, our goal is to understand our clients business needs in order to provide the best possible services.  If you have any questions or require any information about our services, please do not hesitate in contacting us, our group of specialists will happily assist you.

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This article was edited by Andres Arroyo Olson from 2Open.


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