5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Have you ever tried to build a new overseas brand and fail in your attempt? In any approach to China, foreign brands often make some common mistakes when trying to sell their products in China mainland. Although such misconceptions are not exclusive to online environment, we will focus on those that particularly affect your approach to e-commerce in China. China is already the world’s first e-commerce market.

Are you going to miss its enormous potential?

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

First bug: China is mobile, and you better record it

It is not the first time we tell you this, and for sure it won´t be the last. As we mention before in our article “How to Take Advantage of the Latest Ecommerce Revolution?”, Ecommerce has been a great revolution for both companies and customers.

Nowadays, Chinese prefer to use their mobile devices rather than their laptops and according to the new trend, companies have already starting to adapt themselves to portable devices. Moreover, those companies using U-commerce are focused on improving the customer experience through customizing and navigation created in cooperation with the User.

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

 Second bug: E-commerce may be an asset in your country, but in China is irreplaceable

We cannot fail to mention Frank Lavin, CEO of Export Now, when he says,

“In China, Ecommerce is the cake.”

This may mean that you will need to adapt your business to the new environment. Do not expect it to be China who suits you, this does not work this way.

Remember that whoever hits first, hits twice. Embrace e-commerce as the enabler of your business it is, and take advantage of the immense benefits that electronic commerce can bring to your company to start selling around the World!

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Third bug: Social Media is there to stay. Register your account and start moving!

Surely you’ve never heard the words Baidu, WeChat and Weibo… and let us tell you that you have a huge problem in China.

Not only around the 93% of the online searches in China are done in their own search enginesHave you ever heard Google does not work in China?–  but also about a 68% of the customers take a look on the official Social Media account before buying.

Do not miss the opportunity to have a voice in that huge chicken coop is the network, start developing a tailored communication strategy for your brand and gain your piece of the cake!

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Fourth bug: Domestic and lazy thinkers, or how the triumph from a day doesn’t make it daily

Do you think you will keep doing in China pretty much the same things you were doing before and as a result you will achieve success?

A basic rule you should never forget again is,  no matter the experience and the many different markets in which you have entered before, is that new horizons always implies a new starting on your understanding of the target, so we definitely encourage you to start a market analysis.

Will your brand be competitive in China?

Do you offer something different regarding your competitors?

Is there a suitable market niche in the country ?

These and a thousand more questions require a prior discussion,  keeping in mind that China should not be underestimated: the country enjoys some peculiarities you definitely must know before starting your landing.

We strongly recommend you seek assistance from professionals focused on the Chinese market, in order to enhance your chances of success in the country.

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

Fifth buf: Do not try to do everything by yourself, ask for advice

We are not tired of saying it, and will do so again: China is not a flat road. Do not try to embark on this mission unaccompanied, but pick very well with whom.

Look for complementary partners interested in joining forces, go to Government agencies dedicated to external actions and internationalization and definitely search for specialized agencies in the country to start outsourcing some tasks.

5 Bugs To Avoid When Doing E-Commerce In China

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