Chinese mother & baby industry is booming

A Glance Embraced the Consumers of Mother & Baby Products Mother & Baby industry is well-known as a “sunrise” industry, and with the full liberalization of China’s second child policy, the birth rate of Chinese children will face ushered in a new peak, bringing prosperity to mother and baby industry. Instead of talking about the

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How to Target Clusters to Sell in China?

When talking about selling in China, the Chinese regional polarization becomes a relevant frame of reference. How to deal with such a vast country which could be considered a continent in itself? In any process of business development in the Chinese territory, companies face the same fundamental problem. Even if there is not a single

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Alibaba Overcomes Baidu in Chinese Digital Advertising

According to a new report from  eMarketer, experts predict that the decline of Baidu in favor to Alibaba is due to the new market conditions in Chinese digital business. Alibaba has adapted fast to the last digital ads regulation and currently enjoys the leadership in terms of online advertising revenue. The Chinese Internet landscape is

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Can Specialist Retailers Survive against Alibaba and Amazon?

It is said that whoever hits first, hits twice. Some days ago, Zalando signed a partnership with its biggest competitors, Amazon and Alibaba. Far from thinking that they were wrong, we feel confident about the future of these new alliances between Europe, China and United States.   Zalando  was founded in Berlin (Germany) in 2008.

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