2Open at the Avante Awards

This last February 2Open was at the Extremadura’s Avante Awards Ceremony that took place in Badajoz (Extremadura, Spain). This event is held every year since 2013 and it recognizes and commemorates Spanish companies from that region who have had success in international markets. Not only do they award companies who have had an outstanding performance abroad, but also encourages people who show talent, effort, creativity and innovation to position themselves at an international level.

The event aims to incentivize Spanish companies from the region of Extremadura to export value outside of the country, companies who are featured in this event are companies who have had a struggles, obstacles and cultural barriers and have managed to overcome them. 2Open is a proud contender for this award in 4 of its 5 categories which are the following:

  • Extremadura Exporta “Trayectoria”, This award focuses on the trajectory of the company. The obstacles and difficulties it had to overcome to gain its position in the foreign market in which it operates. Mostly, it rewards effort, persistency and success cases of a company’s path.
  • Extremadura Exporta “Innovación”, This award is for companies who have innovated in someway. This could be by implementing new processes and/or techniques in its exported products or services as well as ways to penetrate a foreign market, differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantage.
  • Extremadura Exporta “Joven” , This award is for the young entrepreneur or business man/woman who has managed to be successful at an international level.
  • Extremadura Exporta “Agroalimentario”, this category is for the companies who have successfully exported food related products from the region of Extremadura to other countries.
  • Extremadura Exporta “Conocimiento”, this award is given to the company who has had success in other markets by transferring knowledge and expertise. This is a new category for this third edition of the Extremadura Avante Awards.


Exporting is an unknown adventure for most companies but day by day, these companies overcome fears and obstacles and Extremadura Avante thinks that they should be awarded for that. We could not agree more, it is not an easy task, but companies like 2Open will encourage other to reach that so desired international level.

We would like to thank Extremadura Avante for giving 2Open a space in its event and for helping other companies to go abroad.



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