How to use Tencent Penguin Intelligence in your approach to the Chinese market?

How to use tencent penguin intelligence in your approach to chinese market

Are you looking for the latest news of Tech innovation in China?

The goal of this article is to shed some lights of why Penguin Intelligence is a work-tool to keep in mind on your approach to China.

Penguin Intelligence is the official data platform from Tencent Technology

Tencent Research Organization works such as a professional organization which publishes in-depth reports about the Chinese mobile ecosystem.

Penguin Intelligence performs research and advocacy concerning hot-topics. It also studies markets, trends and best emerging practices.

Their work is founded on a rigorous thorough understanding of every Industry Focus, Sector Dynamics, Case Studies, Data Analysis and Macro environment.

Penguin Intelligence is constantly optimizing the analytical model

 Penguin Intelligence is your best choice if you want to figure out what is happening in Chinese Internet Industry. Unfortunately, their business analysis and reports are only available in Chinese for the moment.

Penguin Intelligence  also counts with three original sub-columns:

  • Penguin Investigation
  • Penguin Analysis
  • Penguin Portfolio

In addition, Penguin Intelligence includes an Open Platform, which is a huge cohesion of all wisdom from China technological business.

What will you find in Penguin Intelligence?

As we have mention above, Penguin Intelligence contains a full variety of reports, infographics and data.

There are more than thirty valuable Business research reports, hundreds of in-depth analysis reports that have been already published and the Platform keeps growing every day.

The influence of these reports / studies has touched up multiple areas of Internet and traditional industries.

Due to its importance, Penguin Intelligence currently enjoys high reputation and credibility in Governments and Enterprises.

To illustrate the kind of searches which can be done, from 2 OPEN we have compiled a brief list of some of the most striking examples that you can find on the Platform:

  • In-depth reports and fresh data about Tencent ecosystem; WeChat public accounts: What type of articles get the most attention from readers?
  • Many infographics and graphs about mobile ecosystem in China; iPhoneS sales in China
  • Data about digital marketing customer behavior; Do customers prefer hongbao or discounts?

Relying on Tencent, Penguin Intelligence contains a large user base and massive data advantage of products in multiple fields:

  • Social networking application: WeChat (Most-used application in China)
  • Social networking service: Qzone, Tencent microblog, Tencent Video
  • Instant messengers: QQ, QQ International
  • Online payment system: TenPay (which is similar to Paypal)
  • Cloud storage service: Tencent Weiyun
  • Own search engine:
  • Media player: QQ player, QQ Music, KuGou Music, KuWo Music
  • C2C auction site: (now merged with

How to use Penguin Intelligence in your approach to the Chinese market?

The huge scale of Tencent Data is the cornerstone of Penguin Intelligence ability to mine and analyze data, and serving professional market insights and industry reports.

Do you want to discover a little more of Penguin Intelligence?

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This article has been edited by Paula Vicuña from 2 Open.


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