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A Glance Embraced the Consumers of Mother & Baby Products

Mother & Baby industry is well-known as a “sunrise” industry, and with the full liberalization of China’s second child policy, the birth rate of Chinese children will face ushered in a new peak, bringing prosperity to mother and baby industry. Instead of talking about the macro market and the brands perspective, let’s take a glance from the point of view of consumers today.

2016 Mother & Baby Products Consumption Ranking Per Capita (RMB)

2016 Mother & Baby Products Consumption Ranking Per Capita RMB - diapers_feeding bottles_milk powder The avg. monthly spending on Mother & Baby products is 3,000 RMB. In Yangtze River Delta Area, the avg. spending is 5-10% higher. Many mothers spend 1,000 to 2,000 RMB more for their 2nd baby than their first one.

The buying time for those mothers with 2nd child is different from shopping for their 1st kid. In general, mothers start purchasing products 4-5 months in advance when they are with the 1st child. However, for the mothers with their 2nd baby, they are concentrating on purchasing in the last month of their pregnancy.

2016 Mother & Baby Products Consumption Ranking Per Capita RMB - safety seat_baby sitter_early education

The online platforms and offline vertical shops provide more purchasing channels to mothers to buy proper products for their babies. It is feasible to pick up the products offline after ordering online as well.

The richer purchasing channels, the diversity of products, consumers start taking initiative to search and research products are the reflections of the consumption upgrade of Mother & Baby industry. These are the reasons why the industry is getting more and more mature in China market now.


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Source: CBNweekly


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