What is Baidu Cloud?

What is Baidu Cloud?

Baidu Cloud is a comprehensive Cloud service provides by Baidu. It offers cloud storage service, client software, file managements, resources sharing, and Third Party Integration. After being created on one client terminal, the file can be synchronized automatically on other client terminals given that the Internet access exists. It was launched as Baidu WangPan on Mar. 23 2012, and upgraded as Baidu Cloud on Sep 3 2012. On Aug. 22 2013, it announces its offer of permanent free 2 Terabytes storage for users.

Baidu Cloud Personal Edition is for individual users of cloud services to meet the various needs of users working life has been on-line products, including Network disk, Personal home page , Address book , Photo album , Articles , Notepad , SMS backup, Mobile phones back .

Network disk
Provide a wide range of data storage services, which support the maximum capacity of 2T space. Users can freely manage network disk storage files.

Personal home page
Provide personalized quality resources sharing and aggregation services. Users can get a friend to share the dynamic by focusing on function, sharing of resources.

Photo album
Users can conveniently browse,store, share and manage their photos through the Cloud album, sharing the good life with photographs anytime.

Baidu cloud collection function: By adding collection tools without having to copy, paste or Save As. It is a one step function to save the text, images on the web to Baidu cloud.

Baidu cloud network notes function. Users can edit documents online and save it directly to Baidu cloud which supports three types of memos: text, pictures and voice.

Contacts, SMS backup
Baidu cloud phone APP function: providing addresses book synchronization and SMS backup. IPhone users can realize the address book synchronization; android users can sync contacts, SMS backup and recovery. WP does not support this feature.

Mobile phones back
Android users unique function: after settings back feature when the phone is lost, the user can lock the phone to avoid information leaks through Baidu cloud, meanwhile it can raise the alert, track positioning to enhance the possibility to retrieve the phone.

Written By: Nancy Tang


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