2 Open Introduces Chidaojia- a Full E-Commerce Solution To Sell Food in China, at SIAL

This was the first year Chidaojia is participating in the SIAL tradeshow. We’ve visited the show as visitors this year, but we’ve ameliorate our knowledge and breached our channels and perspectives on how we can improvise our service.

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Chidaojia is a company under 2 Open services that brings solution for exporters; it’s an online platform that opens to the Chinese market to sale foreign foods and beverages. We believe to deliver delicious goods to every household in the Chinese family. Chidaojia is a one-stop solution for foreign companies to sell online in the Chinese market. We provide them a channel to enter the Chinese market, and a platform to scatter around the Chinese market and to determine what is the best solution for their future development.

Our proposal is to provide clients with anything they need to enter the Chinese market. The Chinese market is very competitive, and we want to help foreign companies to enter this competitive market, we are providing a platform for our clients to sell online, but in addition to that, we are helping them with advertisement, promotion, brand awareness, client engagement, and required talents needed for all operations.

In the SIAL show, Chidaojia has encountered good and bad from companies around the world. People have questioned our proposals, and debating weather its added investment for them, but at the same time, our belief has won many potential clients. We have given detailed presentations to some clients regarding how we can promote their brand in China, and how we can add value to their companies.

Overall, the show was a great experience for Chidaojia, we have a better understanding on client’s perspectives and expectations, we have given the opportunities to follow up with potential clients, and what we want is to go above an beyond their expectation, to provide them with a flawless service in the long run.  We truly believe Chidaojia is a service that a win-win situation for ourselves and our clients, we cannot think of any better ways to provide Chinese family with food from all over the world, if it’s not on Chidaojia.

Chidaojia would love to participate again in the SIAL tradeshow for next year, and maybe we will have a booth in the show, and everybody is welcome to come by to have little chats.


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