2 Open at the Cross Border Ecommerce Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai (China)


We have been hearing for decades how somebody would buy online online a product from wherever and whenever and that borders would disappear leaving room for a totally connected world in opened markets and reaching price and quality parity across the globe.
Now, when we are already in 2014, that is not the case at all. In fact, there are clear movements in opposite directions. Cross border ecommerce is far from being a reality. Will be a day in which markets will become integrated and frictions to selling globally will disappear at least in front of the eyes of final customers? Will be a day in which the user experience is the same buying in your domestic market or from overseas?
It seems so. It seems that should be the trend.
Therefore, companies need to get prepared for the day in which we reach that point, but also to be competitive during the long process to that day. Discussing and thinking about this is the goal of the Cross Border Ecommerce Conference & Exhibition. The leading companies on ecommerce in China where invited to add a vision on what are their cases and how they see the future on it.


We joined a panel discussion together with TradeFWD, Extrabux, Defacto Partners and Hybris. Here is the full agenda of the event. During the event we had a chance to learn from our peers and to ensure, once more, that 2 Open is at the state of the art on what is going on with ecommerce in China.


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