Trends turning into essential tools, outlook 2015

Every year we deal with the trends of the upcoming’s season just to make sure we are up-to-date. We are looking forward for the iPhone 6 introduction; we can’t wait for the new Michael Kors bag-collection; we have to be among the first who try out the pop-up restaurant in town. Sometimes the latest trend catches us like fire and sometimes we rather wait to see if a trend establishes (and secretly hope it doesn’t). But why do trends have such an enormous impact on us? On society? There are a few possible reasons. One could be, that we want to belong to a group – preferably the popular one. We want to sit with them. We want to be belong the “the cool” ones.

Another reason might be that evolution requires change. Without the need for changes there would be no development and we would not be where we are today.

Last year it was trendy to implement content marketing instead of the usual branded commercials and to use storytelling as a part of it. Next year though, content marketing will be essential. Due to the information overload which consumers need to face these days, we need to reduce complexity of our information. Stories and visual content (images, videos etc.) are more likely to be remembered and raise emotions which allow a brand to bond with the costumer. In this context, brands grow more and more into the role of a publisher where they have to prove empathy. It is necessary to show the costumers we actually care and shift the focus from sales to dual and more human communication.

Another example for former trends which turned into fundamental tools is mobile marketing. Today having an APP or at least providing a mobile optimized website is a must have. But noticing that mobile is the most important channel and daily life instrument especially in China and to use the data which mobile provides and to redefine the strategy upon this data is smart. By analyzing your target group and finding out new insights, and growing a community around your brand will make your digital marketing strategy much more effective.

The digital marketing trends for 2015 are not ground breaking but yet very important – trends turn into essential tools which are going to be expanded and developed. I believe that the trends 2015 show pretty clear that the digital world is changing and that we have to adapt our strategies. Social Networking, Email Marketing, SEO and Mobile Marketing are gaining constant importance, although you should see these tools more like your little black dress which you can tune up with a statement necklace. Don’t follow trends just to belong to “one of them”. Analyze trends to embrace your potential and let the change make you grow into someone you never believed you could be.

Changes lead to growth.

The world doesn’t stop moving, neither should you.

Written by: Melani Nikolic


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