The Lean Approach to Selling Online in China

In the last post 2Open revealed the main mistakes of medium sized companies trying to access to China. The article explained how some companies, in their journey entering the Chinese mainland market, spent tones of time, human and financial resources. However, all the effort invested might not lead to the expected return.


Although the Chinese outlook might not seem really positive there are ways to test the market before going for the all in. And this is what we call “The Lean Approach to the Chinese Market”. As a mental exercise we would like you to think for a moment what you would need in order to start selling in China tomorrow.  Once the mental exercise is made, it is noticeable that companies tend to do a lot of superfluous jobs jeopardizing the feasibility of the project. At the end, after discarding all the circumstantial tasks, the answer is simple:

  • Stock in China
  • Chinese selling channel (Ecommerce)

And stock in China, in fact, is not even required to be in China. However, for practical reasons, fast and cheap unitary delivery cost we assume is crucial.


Far from trying to advertise the services offered by 2Open and acknowledging that other companies might sell similar services the perfect solution for a medium size company is to hire a trustful company acting as partner in the territory.In this sense 2Open offers:

  • Chinese “Picking” Warehouse
  • Chinese Market Research and Rebranding
  • Chinese Website and .CN domain
  • Content Translation
  • Ecommerce business channel
  • Logistics Management
  • Social Media Weibo and WeChat creation
  • 2Open’s Chinese Business License
  • Chinese Customer Service

With all this services the company willing to enter to China can start their activity in a month while investing a ridiculous amount. European companies tend to hire big consultant firms to get the information to make the decision to go or not for the Chinese expansion, 2Open provides the tools to effectively test the market and obtaining real data based in actual sales and not in statistics or complex predictive models. Soon afterwards, the company will be able to decide whether makes sense or not to invest hard in the market.

In conclusion, start selling in China with 2Open in a record time. Most of the actual medium sized cannot, literally, afford to wait for bureaucratic complexities, licenses, or customs.


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