2 Open is Participating in Ad Tech China 2014 Exhibition!

If you are interested in the Chinese media and marketing industry, you should have not missed the Ad Tech China 2014 Exhibition on the 26th and the 27thof June in Shanghai, an event where the latest trends about digital marketing and brand advertising are released.

If for some reasons you missed it, no worries, 2Open was there, and we made for you a brief summary of one of Shanghai’s most attractive events to smart marketers and brand advertiser community.

The Exhibition was held in Kerry Hotel, and it was a 2 days meaningful experience about advertising technologies, the challenges and the opportunities brought by the digital industry.

Why 2Open could not miss this opportunity?
The Ad Tech China Exhibition is a precious event to learn about best practices, to take advantages of networking situations and attending high-quality conferences.
The dynamic scenario of the digital industry is calling entrepreneurs and firms for mandatory adaptations in order to keep pace with the recent changes and trends. Especially those companies doing business in China cannot avoid the challenges that the ongoing evolution of the digital world presents.
Companies need to re-invest themselves in order to remain competitive, and the key to succeed is to understand and react to the transformations that new technologies are bringing to the market and its customers.


The Exhibition Hall was a meeting of creativity, dynamism and innovation. Among the exhibitors, there were leading companies of the digital marketing such as eBay enterprise, comScore and Madhouse, which are an inspirational source of optimal practices. At the same time, established businesses, such as MavSocial or PapayaMobiles, and start-up entities, were proposing their innovative and digital services too.


The Ad Tech China Exhibition is an appealing opportunity to learn from the brightest minds operating in the digital industry. 2Open had the chance to listen to remarkable speakers such as Richard Cotton, Content & Creative Excellence Director of Coca Cola, Gerard Skybey, from the Chicago Business Intelligence Group, Jimmy Hu, the managing director of Chinapex and so on. They all shared their knowledge and experience about the challenges brought by working with advertising technologies.
The numerous talks concerned arguments such as Brand Content, Social Media Marketing , Programmatic Buying and E-commerce, Ad Tech Innovation,  all aspects with which 2Open deals in its everyday operations. Our attendance at the exhibition allowed us to critically evaluate the current scenario of the digital industry, while enlarging and strengthening our knowledge and competence about it.


This is a just a short recap about 2Open’s fascinating and fruitful experience at the Ad Tech China 2014 Exhibition. What we have learned and what we have assimilated goes behind mere words and it is something that 2Open has integrated in its daily operations, in order to ensure to our customers successful and efficient services.

Written by: Federica Greco 


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