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New Online Advertising Rules in China

New Online Advertising Rules in China

New online advertising regulation in China will impact all digital business with presence in China. Here we bring you an analysis overview to start adapting to the new trend in advertisement. It would be after the death of a college student who took part in an experimental health treatment found in Baidu, when popular pressure

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Spain and China, Allies but not Colleagues in Trade

Spain and China, allies in politics but still not colleagues in trade

This post comes to underline the strategy played by Spain on EU’s China policy, a role which has received virtually no attention so far, as well as the major reasons why Spanish e-commerce is potentially attractive for Chinese companies. Spain´s strategy is based on promoting a political resemblance with China in order to gain a

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Is Sina Weibo On The Way Out?

Is Sina Weibo on the Way Out?

There are plenty of Social Media platforms in China: while a few achieve great success, many succumb to a highly competitive scenario. Result of its dynamism, it is essential to keep attention on the changes that China faces in the digital world. From 2 Open, we have prepared a brief introduction about Weibo´s current situation.

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2 Open keeps growing in Europe with our new office

2 Open Madrid Employees

The 2 Open family keeps growing in order to continue adding value to our customers within the global business world in which we live. China and Europe are now connected with four powerful offices (Shanghai, Weihai, Madrid and Cáceres) that clearly represent what we are and where we want to go; it represents the future and

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