How to verify a Weibo account when you are not a Chinese company?

Companies still strive to expand their digital presence in China through Weibo due to the high impact  of social media and even thought Wechat has taken a bit share of people’s mind here.

In order to have your enterprise (brand) Weibo account verified, you have to provide some information to prove your identify. This gives your audiences and potential clients more trust in your brand’s legitimacy, and ensures that your identity is well-protected by Weibo.

For foreign companies, there are 3 possible scenarios to verify an enterprise Weibo account.


SCENARIO 1: Verifying an account as a local company, zero cost to set up

1. The first step is to prepare all information and materials for verifying Weibo account. The details of needed information/documents are:

  • The current information about the company, including official name of company and contact email address.
  • Detailed information of the business license, such as registration number of business license, company location address and postcode, set-up date of company, and term of operation, etc.
  • Scan copy of business license and certificate of organization code in color.

2. Go to the Weibo verifying website and follow the instructions to finish registration of a Weibo official account. After all the information has been provided, it takes 5 days to go through the process of verification.

SCENARIO 2: Verifying an account via your dealer/distributor, zero cost to set up

If a foreign company has its trademark registered in China, then it can choose to verify its Weibo account via its official dealer/distributor.

1. Prepare all needed information/documents from your dealer’s side.

  • Certificate of dealership* (an authorization letter to prove the legality of your dealer’s operation on your products)
  • Chinese business license of your dealer’s company

(*:Sample below)

2. Follow all steps of scenario 1. After all the information has been provided, it takes 7 days to go through the process of verification.


SCENARIO 3: Overseas verification. It will take an extra fee chargedifferently according to your current country. For example, it takes 800USD for most of the companies in Europe.

For foreign companies  whose business license nor trademark is registered in China, the process is as follows:

1. Needed information/documents:

  • Company registration documents/business license and its translations in English.
  • Third Party Authorization Letter*
  • Authorization Application Letter*
  • Purchase Order Form*
  • Official Website URL
  • Introduction of the company about its products and services
  • Operation person/team contact information

(*:Sample below)

2. Send the above information/documents to After all the information has been provided, it takes 3 days to go through the process of verification.





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