China may be rich, but are Chinese people rich?

An old lady falls down beside you on the street (maybe intentionally), should you try to help her? Call the police, or ask if she needs anything? With common sense, we should help if we can. But we can’t do that; because innocent by passers might be framed for pushing down an old lady. This may sounds rare to foreigners, but it’s so usual to the Chinese that they are numb about it.

Why people refuse to help? Because they don’t want get involved and be framed to something they didn’t do, but at the same time, why so many old ladies “fall down”? Most likely they are running out of money, they don’t have other options. If China is so rich, why these things keep on happening?

If you go to 5th Avenue in New York, you can see many Chinese tourists shopping between luxury brands endlessly, shopping outlets are packed with Chinese people in line at the register to pay. If china is so rich, why people are so use to not helping others, or why people need to hurt them to get something out of it?


(Photo Taken from: theonlinecitizen)

China is developing in a very fast pace, the dramatic increase in wealth in China over the past few decades has lead many people believe China it’s catching up to the US’s economy, and that the Chinese people are now, or will soon be as a consequence wealthier than typical Americans.

If you gaze down on the top of Shanghai’s tallest building, the World Financial Center, the city seems so sophisticated. It’s a modern city, anything you ask for, and you can get it. But if you step down the elevator, and step outside the building, the city is not as glamour anymore, you notice the pollution, crazy drivers, and homeless people sleeping on the street.

The average salary in Shanghai is 4000 RMB ($667 USD), and the average housing price in Shanghai city is around 40,000 RMB (6667 USD) per square meter. Is this expensive for you? Of course everything has different opinions, but for a person who makes an average salary, buying a house is a lifetime dream.

China is a rich country, but Chinese people are not as rich. China is “not normal” in a way, the country is so big, that as if like the first world, developing world, and third world are happening altogether in one big place.

If China is a person, then it’s a person with a huge ego, it’s in a big hurry to remake itself, to prove itself that many things cannot catch up. People do not realize the gap they need to fill. We need everyone on board for this, but education is lacked in many regions, we need to care more about the environment, because we have the capability and manner to care more then just ourselves.

China is developing, catching up, and it’s going through difficulties like any other already developed countries, with hard works and passion, China has a bright feature ahead and will be more uniformed as a whole.

Author: Julianne Yue


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