Tencent and JD Launch Targeted Brand Advertising on WeChat

Spain and China, allies in politics but still not colleagues in trade

From the association of Tencent –owner of the biggest social platforms in China- and –the leading online direct sales company in the country-, has emerged a new conception of Marketing and Brand Advertising.

In 2016 in Beijing, both released a plan based on Ecommerce marketing service called “J&T Plan”.

The new policy was aimed to provide a tool to accurate a better portrait of the potential user, and improve the interaction with the consumer.

As a result, users data has become extremely valuable for any company:

Knowledge is power, more than ever.

What are their main Goals?

Tencent and JD Launch Targeted Brand Advertising on WeChat

The aspiration of Tencent and partnership has been to provide a pleasant and high quality service to their users.

To reach its purpose, they have focused on three main objectives to strength its business on mobile and Internet, such as:

  • Mobile access points
  • Traffic support
  • Ecommerce activities

Their desire to turn the user into the protagonist of the new Marketing, has launched a new approach based on three main ideas:

  • Multi-dimensional user insight
  • Effectiveness analysis
  • Precision target audience

What do they want in Return?

Tencent and JD Launch Targeted Brand Advertising on WeChat

Not only a commitment to the future and an advantage over its competitors, their relationship also give them some specific advantages: obtains a stake in Yixun, PaiPai C2C marketplace businesses, logistics personnel and assets and QQ Wanggou B2C.

On the other hand, Tencent will offer level one access points in Weixin and Mobile QQ and support from other key platforms to

In order to provide a better online shopping experience, they will also work together on providing solutions to online payment services and an overall digital marketing solutions.

If you are thinking on improving your company services, before starting a Business and Marketing Plan you should take in consideration some basic recomendations:

Build a well-aimed portrait of the users, improve brand experience with the client, and enhance technological tools to achieve it, have become the three key factors to consider on any approach to potential customers, and the best guarantee for the future of your company.

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This article was edited by Paula Vicuña from 2 OPEN.


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