E-Commerce Fulfillment

chinese e-commerce is rapidly growing in recent years. do not miss the trend and let 2open help you!

 2open is a leading china-europe digital and e-commerce agency with track records and recognition in the industry. with our resources, expertise and passions, we could help you grow in china.

1. Sales channel set-up

  • 2Open is the official trading partner of Tmall and JD.com
  • Present the brand on behalf of your company all largest E-commerce platforms to get admission
  • Assist in design of stores, products loading and customer service training etc.
  • Set up the whole online shop for your business

2. shop operations and monitoring

  • Manage your store and monitor it
  • Full set of operation services with accounting, promotions, customer service and marketing etc.
  • Team of China E-commerce professional with an Account Manager to coordinate

3. logistics and stocks management

  • Store your goods within a professional storage facility
  • Organise all order and delivery to customers
  • Arrange import of products from your original country


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