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A six-step strategy to find Blue Ocean for eCommerce in China

In previous years, this type of products was very easy to find, and it was relatively easy to set up a new product line. However nowadays, eCommerce is becoming more and more popular in China. Thus, it is more and more difficult to find Blue Ocean products without extensive data mining. Now, let’s look at a six-step strategy to find Blue Ocean for eCommerce in China.

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Cross-border on Chinese eCommerce Platforms

More than 14,500 foreign brands from 63 countries are selling on Chinese eCommerce platforms, and more than half of these brands have their presence on Tmall International platform. Two major reasons for this emergence of foreign brands on Chinese eCommerce platforms are: growing demand of foreign products, and relaxed policies on consumers purchasing personal items from foreign website.

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A New Retail Era Is Coming to China

In an survey conducted by JD.com, about 90% of participants are willing to increase their spending on high-end products by at least 5%, with nearly 60% of them willing to increase their spending by more than 10%. Data shows that non-necessities products page views increased significantly higher than daily necessities products.

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Content Marketing Strategy in China

There are powerful platforms to create a vibrant content market in China, you can see exciting new developments everywhere. These platforms have different strengths, areas of focus, and, often, geographic priorities. For marketers, this fragmentation increases the complexity of the content marketing strategy in China and requires significant resources and expertise, including a network of partners to help guide the way.

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Happy Double 11: Time to go shopping!

This year, Alibaba’s Singles Day Shopping Festival (also rebranded as double 11 Global Shopping Festival) entered into the ninth year. In 2009, retailer Alibaba turned the day into Chinese version of Black Friday. And eight years later, November 11, is becoming the biggest 24-hour online shopping festival on earth. Sales from Alibaba’s one day event

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