Trends turning into essential tools, outlook 2015


Every year we deal with the trends of the upcoming’s season just to make sure we are up-to-date. We are looking forward for the iPhone 6 introduction; we can’t wait for the new Michael Kors bag-collection; we have to be among the first who try out the pop-up restaurant in town. Sometimes the latest trend

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2 Open is Participating in Ad Tech China 2014 Exhibition!


If you are interested in the Chinese media and marketing industry, you should have not missed the Ad Tech China 2014 Exhibition on the 26th and the 27thof June in Shanghai, an event where the latest trends about digital marketing and brand advertising are released. If for some reasons you missed it, no worries, 2Open

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What’s the Best Project Management Tool for Your Company in China?

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Sometimes it’s hard to manage a small company. Unlike a big corporation, with an already established pyramid, everything goes by the rules, departments report to the CEO, and employees report to department heads. In a small company, most of the times, CEO has to multi task to act as a CEO but also as an

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What is Baidu Cloud?

What is Baidu Cloud?

Baidu Cloud is a comprehensive Cloud service provides by Baidu. It offers cloud storage service, client software, file managements, resources sharing, and Third Party Integration. After being created on one client terminal, the file can be synchronized automatically on other client terminals given that the Internet access exists. It was launched as Baidu WangPan on

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