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New Trends of Chinese Consumers

New trends China

After being awakened by the influence of the western modern lifestyle, and the material richness, the Chinese consumers have more confidence now.  The Chinese consumers’ patterns and consumption behavior are changing significantly these year. Let’s check around the new trend of Chinese consumers. To be distinctive / unique Cenozoic consumers are not satisfied with popular

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Chinese mother & baby industry is booming

2 Open Mother & Baby Industry post

A Glance Embraced the Consumers of Mother & Baby Products Mother & Baby industry is well-known as a “sunrise” industry, and with the full liberalization of China’s second child policy, the birth rate of Chinese children will face ushered in a new peak, bringing prosperity to mother and baby industry. Instead of talking about the

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Is Sina Weibo On The Way Out?

Is Sina Weibo on the Way Out?

There are plenty of Social Media platforms in China: while a few achieve great success, many succumb to a highly competitive scenario. Result of its dynamism, it is essential to keep attention on the changes that China faces in the digital world. From 2 Open, we have prepared a brief introduction about Weibo´s current situation.

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